Animated SMS

Animated SMS

Send and receive SMS messages with emoticons and animations


  • Some interesting emoticons and animations
  • No extra charge for adding graphics and animations


  • Only works if you both have the app installed

Very good

If you're bored of sending plain text messages from your phone, inject some life into your chats with Animated SMS.

Animated SMS allows you to insert all manner of emoticons and animations into your messages to make the process of asking your friends what they had for dinner all the more exciting.

In order to enjoy the benefits of the program both parties will need to have Animated SMS installed, but it definitely makes for an attractive solution.

The best thing about Animated SMS is that, unlike multimedia messages, you don't get charged any extra than your normal SMS rate for sending animations and emoticons.

If you're an SMS junkie and you're looking for a way to spice up your messages, Animated SMS is well worth installing.

Finding the ordinary SMS dull? Now you can put more of yourself into your text messages with Animated SMS! Enliven your messages with a selection of animated emoticons and full-screen animation, send it as a simple SMS message, and bring instant smiles to your friends' faces!

Animated SMS


Animated SMS

User reviews about Animated SMS

  • by Anonymous

    Couple of Flaws in Animated SMS on Nokia 6120 Classic.
    Animated SMS isn't bad, but there are a couple of flaws. ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    a heap of fun!.
    cool application to make messaging more fun.
    Pros: > a good alternative to mms. &...   More